Toronto, long a fortress of the bloody Sabbat fell to Camarilla attack in January of 2015. Now the city stands open for Kindred who seek to make a name and a space for themselves. The city is ruled by the iron, but erratic hand of a Malkavian Elder once only known as “The Doctor” now referred to exclusively as “The Prince”. His first act was to banish all other Malkavians in his domain to north of the 401 for unknown reasons. Although The Prince was instrumental in coordinating the take over of Toronto, he rarely seems interested in the running of the night to night affairs of the city, leaving such things to the Primogen Council. This Council is deeply divided into two courts. The Court of Flames is ascendant in the West end of the city and is made up of the Toreador, Ventrue, and Tremere clans. The Court of Shadows rules the east side of the city and is made up of the Nosferatu, Brujah and Assamite Clans. The final seat on the Council is held by Dianne of Clan Gangrel who vainly tries to pull the warring sides together and remind them that while the Sabbat has been driven from the city they still lurk to the East in Oshawa, Pickering and Ajax. But with the immediate threat passed ancient rivalries and grudges reassert themselves and those caught in between must take sides, profit from the conflict, or be torn apart.

Toronto by Night: Orphans in the Court